Little details will make difference in Roger Federer-Nadal match - Roig

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Little details will make difference in Roger Federer-Nadal match - Roig

In an interview to the Spanish reporters Rafael Nadal' coach Francis Roig commented on the upcoming Wimbledon semifinal between Roger Federer and the 18-time Grand Slam winner. "I see it tough, the same way that Roger definitely sees.

An excellent match on a surface that can benefit him, but I think Rafa showed that he does great things. Little differences will mark the match", said the Barcelona native. Recalling the 2008 final, Roig added: "I remember a very emotional and high level match.

A before and after, because winning Wimbledon for the first time gave a lot. Now Rafa serves better, returns better. I do not want to say that the Rafa of now would beat the 2008 one, but in order to be here he needed to make this change and not being intimidated by the opponent.

Now he is a much better player. As for Federer, he improved the backhand pretty much and he hits the ball easier." Asked to pick the Wimbledon favorites, the former world No. 4 Tim Henman replied: "I can see him [Federer] winning it, but if I had to pick one it would be Nadal.

I've been so impressed with him so far." The All England Club commercial director Mick Desmond commented on how Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic helped to increase the popularity of Wimbledon. Desmond said: “It’s elevated tennis to a different level – these guys are sporting icons and it’s very gladiatorial.

It draws an interest – it draws an interest from people who may not necessarily watch tennis but just want to see these superstars go up against each other”. “The brand essence will always be that tennis and English garden, the beauty of the site, playing on grass, playing in white.

We want to set the best possible stage in terms of tennis, in fact in the world of sport. When the players arrive here, it just becomes a magnificent stage for them to perform on. We’re never satisfied – every year we’re just trying to raise the bar”.