Roger Federer: I don't like being alone

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Roger Federer: I don't like being alone

Roger Federer was asked how much time he likes to spend alone. The Swiss, a father of four, said: "I don't like being alone. I mean, I'm not afraid of being alone. I don't know, I like being surrounded by my friends, family.

It's obviously the best. Yeah, I like talking to people. Now with four kids anyway, there is a lot of that, which is perfect for me in my life because I'm very happy." Federer also said he has the net of his Wimbledon 2009 final win over Andy Roddick still in his house: "Still rolled up.

I've still been waiting to put it up somewhere. You can't just put it up in your living room, across the window or something. You need to have the right place for it. It's pretty big, as you know. I was wondering if I could put it in the garage, but I did something else there.

Anyway, it's still there. It's ready to be used. Maybe I could even use it for a tennis court one day I have one, but I don't. But it's definitely special because that was such a magical day in my life. "I feel good on the court.

Even if I'm down a set or down a break, no hurry there. I stay calm. I feel like I have the 1-2 punch sort of under control. I'm serving good. I'm going in phases in returning. It's been very different to play Berrettini in the last match where he's serving big.

I was chipping a lot today, I was coming over all the time. That obviously takes some getting used to. Overall I'm just very happy how I'm hitting the ball. Feel good off the baseline, too, which is clearly going to be important maybe for the next match."