Roger Federer must win first set against Rafael Nadal, says Woodbridge

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Roger Federer must win first set against Rafael Nadal, says Woodbridge

In an interview, as quoted by TennisSmash, the former world No. 1 doubles player Todd Woodbridge previewed the upcoming Wimbledon semifinal match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Australian said: “I think it’s brilliant.

Brilliant for tennis. It probably will be the last one here we might see of them. They’ve all played at their highest level, which I think is extraordinary. It’s going to be tight; I think if Federer’s to win he must win the first set.

I felt all along that Roger playing the clay-court season has been the key for him to win this tournament. Because when he’s been put under pressure in previous years with lesser matches, we’ve just seen him panic a little bit.

I’d like to be sure to see him take his time and not try to outplay Rafa so quickly when things get tight. Trust his own ability. Even watching him yesterday (against Nishikori), his service games are so quick, that when he eventually gets a tight game come his way, it looks like he tightens and plays too quick and goes for too much.

That’s what I think he needs to be aware of. If he controls that, then I expect him to win. Rafa has really impressed me this tournament. Emotionally he came out so strong against Kyrgios, and that was a big mental match more so than form. And then against Querrey, when it got tight yesterday, he went up another level."