Simona Halep: 'Roger Federer is very nice, his words make me happy'

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Simona Halep: 'Roger Federer is very nice, his words make me happy'

Roger Federer was asked what advice she would give Simona Halep ahead of the Wimbledon final against Serena Williams. The Swiss player had said: “You don't get to a Wimbledon finals playing average, you know. Some people might do that, but normally you're feeling the ball well.

She needs to back herself and enjoy it also. But that comes after when you win. It's full-on concentration, not let the moment be too big. The good thing is she's won a Slam before. She knows how to do it at this point. That's great."

Reflecting on this quote after the win, Halep said: "I read what he said. I thank him. He is very nice. His words made me happy. Also I really believe that there is a chance if I listen to him. Because if you listen to him, you get the good things.

So I did that." "I hope it's going to be again. It's not the only one match I played great. In my opinion, I played many great matches, even if I lost few of them. I feel that I'm at the highest level, for sure.

But I'm feeling also that I can improve some things, not about today's match. But this tournament, I feel like I have to improve other things. I will keep working for that. "I'm still motivated. I'm looking forward already to the next tournaments and next challenges that I have."