Rod Laver: Roger Federer is a perfect gentleman. I am in awe of him

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Rod Laver: Roger Federer is a perfect gentleman. I am in awe of him

Speaking in Wimbledon, the Australian legend Rod Laver praised Roger Federer. "Even now I get a thrill every time I see him out on the court," admitted the Australian. "He's always a perfect gentleman on the court.

He competes hard ... I mean, I'm in awe of him, I really am." On the similarities between him and Federer, Laver added: "We're both reasonably quiet individuals. But the nice thing about Roger, I guess, was the first time that we sort of really knew each other was when I presented him with the Australian (Open) trophy when he had won it (in 2006).

He felt like what was I doing out there presenting a trophy, and so he got emotional (and cried). "The Laver Cup, that all started with Roger," recognized the 80-year-old. "Roger felt tennis has been here now 50 years, for open tennis, but he says 'way before that, there are so many great champions, whether it be Perry, Vines, Riggs.

All the way down the line to 'Emmo' (Roy Emerson) and Hoad, Rosewall and he says 'everybody's going to forget there was a tennis game for the amateurs' He said 'let's try and have something and we'd like to use your name as a throwback to all the amateur players in that era' So it's wonderful to see Roger play and compete. But, for me, it's better because I just know him."