Serena Williams' coach shares why Roger Federer misses some easy volleys

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Serena Williams' coach shares why Roger Federer misses some easy volleys

In an interview with Blick, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on Roger Federer's game. About Swiss player's serve, the Frenchman said: "This is Federer's shot you speak less about. It's amazing.

Federer serves strong and fast, even if with a lot of top spins. He dominates it towards all the directions and he hits slice on the deuce side, topspin on the ad. This technique is essential for a good serve on the grass. Almost all players say they cannot read well Roger's serve.

This is an amazing shot for him, but for me, it's the reason why he deals with a back issue. When he hits the ball, the way he stays is not normal. "He has the best forehand on Tour," continued Mouratoglou. "Roger hits backhand extremely fast to then hit with his strongest shot.

Technique wise, the forehand is perfect. And amazing, because like a golfer, Roger looks at racket and ball. No one does it in tennis, only Roger, maybe even being not aware of it. He makes a quick movement with his wrist, takes the ball very early and on top of the net, which gives him confidence.

"You can probably say: Roger's volleys are the best in tennis now. For years, luckily, he rarely came to the net. He has such a good hand! However, he often misses the easiest one. Probably only because he is less focused.

It's unbelievable how he improved volleys over a year. Taking the ball early is probably is his biggest strength."