Roger Federer should hit more aggressive returns - Serena Williams' coach

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Roger Federer should hit more aggressive returns - Serena Williams' coach

Speaking to Blick, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about Roger Federer's shots. "Roger's return is strong, especially on the forehand side. His success on backhand return is relatively low for a top player.

Because he gives the opponent the time to build the game. He should hit more aggressive. Roger's Sabr is funny and not silly when he can upset once or twice, put pressure and make his opponent go in trouble. That's why I find that Nick Kyrgios can surprise with an underarm serve.

That's not ridiculous for me. Players should often hit it." The former French player Lionel Roux said: "Kyrgios is more than a rebel, he can go crazy and makes the crowd get involved. I am not surprised that he played well in Acapulco: he plays at night, goes partying and wakes up at 3:00 PM.

He is a kid, but it's nice to have this craziness and careless in a sport that became very educated. He dives, goes around himself. He is like a showman. "With his backhand, he hits high, fast or light. But it's not his strongest shot: Roger uses it to prepare the following forehand.

He wants to play backhand as rare as possible. So, he tries to gain time often changing direction and hitting slice with a lot of top spins. Roger improved his backhand over the last two years. He made a big change tactics-wise before the 2017 Australian Open.

That's particularly efficient on return games against Rafael Nadal and their rivalry changed. I often asked myself why he has not changed it much time ago."