Federer: 'There are similarities between loss to Djokovic and Nadal in '08'

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Federer: 'There are similarities between loss to Djokovic and Nadal in '08'

Roger Federer was asked if there are some similarities between his loss to Novak Djokovic in Wimbledon on Sunday and the one against Rafael Nadal in 2008. Both ended in the fifth set after almost five hours. The Swiss said: "Well, this one is more straightforward maybe in some ways because we didn't have the rain delays.

We didn't have the night coming in and all that stuff. But sure, epic ending, so close, so many moments. Yeah, I mean, sure there's similarities. But you got to go dig, see what they are. I'm the loser both times, so that's the only similarity I see (smiling)."

On Djokovic's ability to cope with Federer's variety, the Basel native added: "He's been doing that very well against me in the past. I played him with a lot of slices, as well, in Paris. He handles that one very well time and time again.

He's able to go down and make sure he sets himself up nicely and puts himself in position. He gives away, anyway, very little unforced errors. You got to push him to do those. If you can't, then you have to play aggressive yourself.

I did that. I thought I had a good mix. Obviously, Novak was also playing very well", concluded the world No. 3 who lost 26 times out of 48 against Djokovic.