'People didn't celebrate Djokovic win because they felt for Federer' Becker

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'People didn't celebrate Djokovic win because they felt for Federer' Becker

Almost the entire Centre Court crowd in Wimbledon was sad for Roger Federer's loss to Novak Djokovic. The Swiss always gets people on his side and Sunday's match made no exception. Boris Becker, speaking on BBC, said: "It was always going to be the clash of titans, but it was difficult for Novak because he was facing the crowd and the Cinderella story.

Everyone at the end was subdued, nobody was really celebrating because they felt for Roger. It was an odd situation. The players were cool for each other because they could have gone absolutely crazy." The former world No.

4 Tim Henman: "When it came to the crucial times it was Djokovic who came up with the goods. It's his fifth title. Because of Federer winning eight it's sometimes lost that Djokovic is one of the greatest players in grass court history.

You wouldn't put it past him winning more titles in future. There's no doubt Roger Federer will be massively disappointed. In terms of disappointments in his career this will be right up there. To have two match points and against one of his biggest rivals on his favourite court - it will hurt.

I know he's good at controlling his emotions, but this will sting for a long, long time. In his post-match interview, I think that there was almost a sense of embarrassment from Roger, having had those two match points and failed to convert them. I think that the tennis world will reflect on this match for a long time to come."