Novak Djokovic can absolutely break Roger Federer's Majors record: Vajda

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Novak Djokovic can absolutely break Roger Federer's Majors record: Vajda

Since when Novak Djokovic and his coach Marian Vajda cameback working together in April 2018, the Serbian player has lost just two Grand Slam matches and won four titles. Vajda, speaking about Djokovic's win over Roger Federer in Wimbledon, praised the 32-year-old's ability to deal with pressure "Epic final.

Two champions against each other. It shows how strong Novak is mentally. Emotionally it was one of the best finals. Winning all tie-breaks against Roger is amazing. He was there when it matters." Asked if Djokovic can break Federer's 20 Grand Slam titles record, Vajda concluded: "Absolutely he can do it.

It's a challenge within himself." The Australian former player Pat Cash, on Twitter, wrote: "Amazing! Djokovic wins his 5th Wimbledon. What a final! Federer played an unbelievably good match but somehow Djokovic wins after saving multiple match points.

There is no limit to the amount of pressure this man can handle. Superhuman stuff! I'll say it again... tennis is one of the few sports where you can be down on almost all the stats win less points and still win the match.

Djokovic demonstrated that today. Federer statistically played better but Novak won the big points. I know Roger will be disappointed he couldn't win today but what an incredible performance! Some of the best aggressive tennis I've ever seen.

Don't know how this guy does it," concluded the 1987 Wimbledon winner. Djokovic now has won 16 Grand Slams, five at Wimbledon alone.