I feel for Roger Federer. I know what painful losses mean: Toni Nadal

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I feel for Roger Federer. I know what painful losses mean: Toni Nadal

On a column for El Pais, Rafael Nadal' uncle Toni commented on Novak Djokovic's Wimbledon final win over Roger Federer. The 58-year-old said: "Frankly before this unbelievable final started, I did not want any of those two guys winning.

I think the reasons are clear. As the match went on, without a doubt, especially in the last games of the fifth set, I did not want any of the two to lose. We went through similar situations and I know how painful those kinds of losses are when any player can win.

I also remember the five-set loss to Federer in Wimbledon (2007) and the two Australian Open finals, one against Novak (7-5 fifth set in 2012) and the other one against Roger, both of them in five sets. This time I really feel it for Roger.

I know how you must feel after wasting two match points on serve and now it's hard for me to write those lines thinking about him. I wished nobody the loss. They both showed why they are the greatest ever. Federer once again showed that years do not go on for him and that Djokovic is a tireless fighter.

The match had all the elements to be considered as one of the best in history. There were high-level stages, amazing shots especially from Roger, and emotion and doubts until the end. We saw how a great champion like Roger also went through moments of doubts when the match got complicated."