Novak Djokovic takes inspiration from Roger Federer, says Becker

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Novak Djokovic takes inspiration from Roger Federer, says Becker

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker commented on Novak Djokovic's chances to overtake Rafael Nadal's 18 Grand Slam titles and Roger Federer's 20. The German, talking on BBC, said: "Honestly, I think he can overtake them, but I wouldn't like to say that for sure.

The race is on. This endless talk of who will be the most successful will continue as long as all three of them are playing. I don't see the end of the road for any of the three. I believe all of them will win more Grand Slams.

Novak's work ethic is 24/7 and he actually admitted at the end that Federer - still reaching Grand Slam finals at the age of 37 - inspired him." Tim Henman concluded: "This victory will motivate him to keep putting in the hard work and winning more titles.

Federer and Nadal are very much in his sight. He's a year younger than Nadal and five younger than Federer - we all know he fancies overtaking those two. I think because of Federer winning eight, it is sometimes lost that Djokovic is one of the greatest grass-court players in history.

He's up to five and you wouldn't put it past him winning more titles in future." The former American skier Lindsey Vonn, through Twitter, wrote: "Congrats on an amazing final Novak. Still the goat Roger."

Roger Rasheed: "Epic. Thanks, Roger and Novak - Congrats Novak. Lucky we are here on the planet to witness what these Champions are doing."