Berrettini's joke: Roger Federer made me change my job

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Berrettini's joke: Roger Federer made me change my job

Through his official Instagram account, a few days after his loss to Roger Federer in Wimbledon, Matteo Berrettini shared a funny post joking about his straight-set match against the Swiss. "Roger made me change my job...

Really enjoyed the fashion shooting with GQ China for their July issue," wrote Berrettini. Analyzing the match, in a press conference he said: "Yeah, the points were going, like, really fast. Just serve and -- yeah, I mean, serve and first shot.

I wasn't tired, so I couldn't, like, I couldn't stop him. It was okay. I don't think that if I, like, stop him could be better. Yeah, I was just playing and trying, but like I said, it was too good. I played a lot of matches during, you know, last month, so my body, you know, is feeling a little bit.

But for sure is not the reason why I lost. The match of the other day was really tough. I run a lot, I played a lot of, yeah, a lot of rallies. I was kind of tired a little bit. And my muscles also. But that's normal." Federer said: "Maybe he was nervous in the beginning.

You still hit aces. I mean, if you're serving that kind of speed, how tall he is, all that... He didn't have his best day. I know that, as well. I was dialed in. I was able to get a lot of balls back, again I think because of the conditions as well.

I think if it would have been faster, then again we would have seen the match that I was expecting with few chances here and there. I was just able to maybe outmaneuver him with my slice. He couldn't hurt me enough with his forehand, which I thought was going to be maybe tough to manage today.

Everything seemed to go easier. Then eventually you know how it is, when you're down two sets to love so quickly, I mean, it's hard to figure things out. It's hard to change. I just think the conditions also didn't allow him to do that today."