Roger Federer's involvement in Laver Cup is paramount, says Godsick

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Roger Federer's involvement in Laver Cup is paramount, says Godsick

In an interview to Forbes, the Laver Cup Co-Founder Tony Godsick commented on the men's tennis event that will take place in Geneva from 20 to 22 September 2019 for the third time. Godsick, who is a longtime Roger Federer' agent, said: "What we all wanted, was to create an event that could celebrate the men’s game of all the generations.

Any time you create something especially in the sport of tennis, it is hard because there are so many competing factions and different people doing different things." On the choice to make the Laver Cup being played on a black court, he added: “We wanted people at home to see the black court and know it was the Laver Cup.

We paid a lot of attention to the experience, for the fans and the players. I think we really modeled ourselves after the Ryder Cup. People love team events, they just do. We didn’t want to compete with Davis Cup or Hopman Cup in country versus country, but Europe versus the rest of the world was not a competition that was already in existence."

Godsick finally reflected on Federer's influence. The Basel native plans to compete in the Laver Cup also once his career ends. "Roger is one of the biggest names in the history of the sport. Wherever Roger goes he attract a crowd, sponsors, fans, television.

Every big event in whatever sport it might be, there is always a catalyst that actually helped it get off the ground and having Roger be the lead and not only playing in it but believing in it and having passion about it to get better and better every year, his involvement is paramount”.