Nadal-Federer 2008 final better than Djokovic-Federer of 2019 - Toni

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Nadal-Federer 2008 final better than Djokovic-Federer of 2019 - Toni

In an interview with Cope, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni commented on Novak Djokovic's Wimbledon final win over Roger Federer. "The match was very good, emotional. It had all the things, with two match point for Federer, it lasted longer ...

Although I have numbers that tell me 2008 final was better. I wrote an article where I said that I did not know who to cheer for. I would have liked Federer to win if I was not involved. When Federer loses, I feel very bad because he had two match points.

But it's better for Rafael that Djokovic won because, in the end, the three are closer. Federer wanted to end the point very quickly, his box may have told him not to be in a rush." Looking ahead to the US Open, Toni concluded: "Djokovic is the favorite because he won Wimbledon and Australian Open but the three are very close.

I said that Nadal got closer in Wimbledon because he came from winning in Rome and French Open and it was a very big mental boost. He did not play at his best level in the semifinals." In an interview, the former French Open doubles winner Luke Jensen praised Federer for his great performance.

"When you are going up against Roger Federer, you can't get into a popularity contest. He is the most beautiful tennis player that has ever lived. He's a supermodel. The James Bond of our sport. He does everything extremely well, he is graceful and Novak has a different approach.

He is a guy that is always irritable [...] a lot of people have a tough time watching him compete because he plays the same point the same way. He is not creative, it is just another style."