Roger Federer will retire in one or two years, says Dominic Thiem

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Roger Federer will retire in one or two years, says Dominic Thiem

In an interview, Dominic Thiem spoke about Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic's dominance. The Austrian player said: "There was a time where one guy was totally unreachable. That's not the case now, you can beat them at any time, it only depends on consistency.

In order to win big tournaments, you need to beat two of them. On clay, I see Nadal competing for three, four or five years at the highest level. Federer will drop a bit because of his age, but I think in one or two years he will be done and Djokovic will have success for a longer time.

Anyways it will not be easy, because there are very strong younger players who are improving every week, so it would be a mistake to say that if they stop, I will win many titles." Thiem is set to have a busy schedule as he plans to play against Finland in Davis Cup just after the US Open.

"I would like to be there." On Kitzbuhel event, he added: "I have never won a match there, which is crazy. US Open is one of my favourite tournaments, I want to perform well." Is he ready to win a Grand Slam? "Yes but it's complicated, they are two weeks with five sets matches.

The past years I was pretty close in the French Open final", concluded Thiem who will play his next tournament in Hamburg.