Roger Federer: 'Seeing photographers taking my privacy away is not nice'

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Roger Federer: 'Seeing photographers taking my privacy away is not nice'

Roger Federer sometimes gets photographed by paparazzi when he visits a city with his wife Mirka or, more rarely, with their four children. Last month before Wimbledon, several people in London turned crazy as they saw Federer and Mirka in a Uniqlo store.

In an interview, Federer said: "Clearly it's not so enjoyable when people turn to look at you wherever you go and when out of pure coincidence a couple of photographers happen to pop up where I am going with my family, that's not what I wish but I always find ways to relax, that's extremely important.

The fact that I can find this balance between training, tournaments and relaxation, everything else is simply a part of life but certainly, it's best if you can avoid it as much as possible." On how it feels about people saying several times he was done in the past, Federer added: "What was really satisfying was that all the effort and hard work has paid off but not against any critics, that's really not important to me.

Drawing criticism is just a part of it. If everyone says, he is no longer as good as he was, he is finished, he should quit, that's just a stage in every player's career who perhaps has accomplished a lot and is over 30 years old.

It's natural to think that everything is over but I am very realistic and I know what is possible. I am always honest speaking to the press."