Roger Federer set to buy new property for up to 50 million dollars

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Roger Federer set to buy new property for up to 50 million dollars

In Rapperswil-Jona SG, Switzerland, Roger Federer's house will be built. It is near the Zurich lake and it has a sight on the castle. It is in a 1.6 hectares area and it should cost from $40 to $50 million according to experts.

This is where Federer and his family will live, the Mayor of the City Martin Stöckling confirmed. For a long time, the information had been kept private, but now the building project has been approved. And Stockling is happy: "We are always happy when a new person comes.

However, the fact that Roger Federer, a world star, has decided to change his residence shows the high-quality life you can have in Rapperswil-Jona", he said. The property is set to feature a tennis court and several buildings.

60 workers should focus on it." The Indian actor Arbaaz Khan commented on his similarity with Federer. Khan, speaking to New Times of Delhi, said: “I completely enjoyed everything that happened around the photo.

I just met this guy on the set and I was like ‘okay fine, let me take a picture’, and then I shared it on social media. What followed — the comments or the memes — were so much fun. I’m aware of this similarity that is being drawn.

Not sure if he [Federer] is aware, too (laughs). But, but I’d love to meet him in person. I’m a huge Federer fan. I’ve come to know that he has a house in Dubai and when he plays the Dubai Open, he stays there. I plan to try and meet him during that time."