I used to confuse my twins in the past, says Roger Federer

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I used to confuse my twins in the past, says Roger Federer

In an interview to Vogue during Wimbledon, Roger Federer said something interesting about his five-year-old twins Leo and Lenny. The Swiss was asked if he ever confused Leo and Lenny: "I used to sometimes if I could not see their face right away but no, nowadays I am a pro, of course, I can tell them apart."

The best lesson he got from the kids: "Patience and smiling again. It's been the best" What wants his kids learn from him? "Everything. I want to teach them everything I know. I love them so much." The most Swiss thing about him: "That I am a chocoholic."

Why doesn't he have a two-handed backhand? "Cause all my heroes had a one-hander, so I had no choice", he said referring to Boris Becker, Pete Sampras and Stefan Edberg. On his racket, he added: "I love my racket and it's an extension of my arm and it does all the magic for me."

His favorite part about playing Wimbledon: "Its history and tradition. Playing on Centre Court is a dream came true for every tennis player." What languages does he speak? "German, Swiss-German, English and German.

I like "Allez" in French, "come on" in English and "chum jetze" in Swiss German, on the tennis court."