Roger Federer shares how he spends his days off

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Roger Federer shares how he spends his days off

How does Roger Federer spend his days off? The Swiss revealed it in an interview to Vogue. "I just take it easy, run around with the kids." An advice he got on the outfits choice: "You wear the clothes, not the clotches wear you.

And Anna (Wintour) once told me, when I asked if I should wear a dark suit or the light suit for the evening, she said, The dark suit of course Roger." I was like, 'Of course, Anna knows best.' " The best thing he has ever worn: "Met Gala, I wore a tuxedo from Gucci, with a diamond encrusted sort of a cobra on the back.

That was pretty easy." Federer picks grass as his favorite surface, forehand over backhand and spin over flat." He is not watching any TV series at the moment, but "I used to love "Prison Break"

It was so cool" Tom Ford is his "style icon" What does he wear when he feels at his best? "Suit is good but a bathing suit and a t-shirt on a beach somewhere." Does his family have nicknames for him? "Yeah, they call me Rog and in Swiss German, Rochee."

His signature shot: "My slice, maybe my forehand." Federer finally confessed: "I feel like I have done so many interviews, I really feel like people know everything by now."