Roger Federer: 'Sometimes we don't dream big enough because of barriers'

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Roger Federer: 'Sometimes we don't dream big enough because of barriers'

What advice would Roger Federer give younger guys? The Basel native gave his answer in an interview with Vogue. "Love your tennis but then work hard, dream big, sometimes we do not dream enough that it's possible because we think there are barriers and stuff."

He also recalled his time as a ballboy: "I was about 12 years old in my home tournament in Basel, I did for two years, it was great. I love it." How many hours a day was he playing tennis at the time? "Two hours every second day."

While now, "Between zero and four. I have got to save my energy sometimes." On when he realized he would have been good at tennis, Federer added: "In the juniors, I thought I was good and then when I beat here Pete Sampras I felt like I knew I was good."

His mother is a little bit a tennis coach, but "she didn't coach me though. The best advice she gave me? Never let the ball bounce twice." Speaking of his childhood, the world No. 3, who will play in Cincinnati next, concluded: "I was incredibly homesick in the beginning.

Jet lag and all interviews. Could not trust journalists in the beginning and then little by little I started enjoying interviews. That's why I am talking to you right now."