Roger Federer reveals the craziest location he has ever played

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Roger Federer reveals the craziest location he has ever played

What's the craziest location Roger Federer has ever played at? The Swiss disclosed his answer speaking to Vogue. "I played on the Jungfraujoch, top of Europe in Switzerland with Lindsey Vonn. And Centre Court of Wimbledon, of course."

Where does he keep his trophies: "I have a big trophy cabinet at home, but we always have space for one more." His first professional tournament in career: "Gstaad in '98 after I won the juniors here at Wimbledon the week before."

The most surprising moment: "I truly believe becoming a world no. 1 and winning all the titles that I did is crazier than any dream I have ever had about my career. I never thought it was gonna be so successful."

What sports does he watch other than tennis? "Football and basketball. I love basketball." Why did he pick tennis over football? "I did not want to blame the goalie, in all honesty. I wanted to blame myself, maybe that is what made me pick tennis.

Thankfully, I did." How does he want to be remembered? "As a good guy for tennis, philanthropic and a good tennis player." His most memorable Wimbledon title? "It was my first one. I thought that was it. I achieved my dream, winning Wimbledon. It was epic," he admitted.