Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal has a heart of gold

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Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal has a heart of gold

Roger Federer praised Rafael Nadal in an interview with Vogue. The Swiss, who recently beat the Spaniard at Wimbledon, said: "He is an intense guy on the court, he is super honest and open off the court and he has a heart of gold."

Does Federer have any superstition? "I am not superstitious at all, funny enough. I don't (listen to music) before a match but it would be probably something relaxing." What does he tell himself before going on Centre Court? "C'mon Roger, you got this.

Go for it. Enjoy it. Let's go" His favorite memory of playing there: "Winning my first Wimbledon or maybe beating Pete Sampras here." What is the experience like on a match point? "Nobody is talking. It's amazing.

You hear a pin drop when you are about to serve. Nobody is talking, you hear a cough maybe. And then the crowd erupts when you win the point." What is the first person he looks at when he is on the Centre Court? "I wanna feel the vibe, see how into the crowd is, and then I check if my team if they are all seated here.

Umpire and opponent." The player he enjoys playing the most: "Rafa Nadal." On his fire and ice strategy, Federer said: "I think you gotta have fire in the belly, wanting to win every point. You give it your absolute best.

And ice in the veins for me is basically you are so focused on the most important moments, you are so calm and so composed."