Roger Federer still playing so well surprises me, says former player

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Roger Federer still playing so well surprises me, says former player

In an interview to Golpe de Tenis, the former player Diego Hartfield recalled his 2006 French Open loss to Roger Federer. Hartfield said: "It's a great memory to have played with Federer, clearly. It surprises me a lot that he is still there.

In 2006 when I faced him, he was already a kind of superhero and now he keeps being so successful and winning something I had never imagined. It's a very nice memory, it's a pleasure to have faced him and that everyone remembers it.

It's a great satisfaction for me to have faced him: I was playing very well these weeks, I had won two Challengers and that match was the crown of a very nice time for me. He must have been surprised too because he did not know me and I was playing very well."

On how he felt after his retirement from tennis, Hartfield added: "In my case, I did not feel an emptiness. There are many things of tennis I liked but not the other parts of a tennis player's life, that's why I ended up retiring pretty young, besides being injured.

I also liked a lot the idea of living in a settled place, that's why I retired being pretty young. There are many things you miss: kids, tournaments, clubs and many beautiful places where you play. It depends a lot on a player's lifestyle.

It's not the same thing to be in an ATP tournament as a world No. 100 than playing Futures or Challengers, those are two totally different things."