Replacing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is not easy, says Cash

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Replacing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is not easy, says Cash

In an interview to Estadio Deportivo, the 1987 Wimbledon winner Pat Cash spoke about the difference between the past and modern tennis. The Australian former player said: "Players now hit much stronger than in my years where you had more game variety.

At the time you had everything, volleyers, baseline players, grass and clay-courts specialists, a great variety. Now as rackets and strings got more powerful, and with many guys being very good physically and running from side to side, their shots are amazing.

But the majority of them are very similar, with some exceptions like Federer. I like players who have a big variety, who do not just hit and run. Unfortunately, you only see that in the doubles matches, I love them and you should give more credit to them."

On the next generation, Cash added: "ATP promotes them because they are the following step and for age, they will succeed Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. People is aware that one day they will retire. I never saw someone before playing as well as Rafa and Roger.

Rafa for his top spin shots, Roger for his quality and movement. They are two of the greatest players ever and replacing them is not easy." Why does everyone love Federer in Australia? "Everyone loves Roger Federer.

His movements are amazing, his shots unbelievable and he is aggressive, his game is emotional. In my country people appreciate the good tennis, they also like Nadal and Djokovic who has won many times there and he is very popular. I like seeing all of them."