Coach shares why Novak Djokovic beat Federer and Nadal so often

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Coach shares why Novak Djokovic beat Federer and Nadal so often

In an interview to, Marian Vajda shared why Novak Djokovic is able to compete with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on all surfaces and beat them. Vajda, who started coaching the Serb in 2006, said: "He played many matches against them.

In the final, he knew when was the right time to play aggressive. It was great tennis. Nice tactical battle from both. He pushed Federer to play longer rallies and that paid off. He felt that Roger was getting tired little by little."

On the triumph in Wimbledon, Vajda concluded: "I expected Novak to be better Because at the end of the fourth set Federer was tired. Novak was leading 4-2 and in the end, he won the match. Once again he showed to have the best backhand in the world.

Novak had saved Federer two match points in the 2011 US Open semifinals too. I thought that the match was not ended and once Novak broke back, I understood he could win. But no one expected it to be such a drama before the match.

It was the best possible. It's a great honour and a good feeling. It's nice that the coaches compete with each other. I coached Djokovic to win Majors. It's a big success for me, my family and entire Slovakia. I am happy to get this result for our country."

On how they celebrated the success, the Slovakian added: "After the match, we got to the locker room where we hugged each other. Novak had many media duties, so he attended the Champions dinner at Midnight with his agents and parents."