Making Roger Federer improve is difficult, says Fognini's coach

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Making Roger Federer improve is difficult, says Fognini's coach

In an interview to La Nacion, Fabio Fognini's coach Franco Davin spoke about Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic's dominance. The Argentinean said: "The top players take care of themselves more. The guys who are 30, 32 years old are doing very well physically.

And they have been playing a million matches. Look at Stan Wawrinka, who is a bit heavier but he is coming from so many matches at five sets that he handles it, a bit like against Stefanos Tsitsipas in the French Open. In the French Open, he was close to Roger Federer, and if he won the fourth set he would have gotten back."

Asked if he would like to coach Nick Kyrgios, Davin replied: "I am not motivated in working with a player like Kyrgios, honestly. I do not know him a lot, but already for some attitudes. A player who says the things he says, I do not think he is that honest when he says he likes basketball more than tennis.

I like a lot the working process." About his coaching method, Davin concluded: "I always try the player not to copy anybody, that he tries to grow by himself. That's why it's difficult to make Federer improve, but the idea is that someone better comes like always happened.

Back in the day, Vilas and Borg improved the Australians through the top spins. With del Potro, who is two meters tall per 100 kilos, to compete against the best players you have to fix things and care about details."