Roger Federer shares why he likes Dustin Brown

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Roger Federer shares why he likes Dustin Brown

Roger Federer was asked to describe Dustin Brown's gamestyle. The Basel native replied: "Unfortunately, I never played him. Look, I'm a big fan of guys who play untraditional way and don't -- he's not the grinder that puts you into the ground and tries to beat you that way.

He's gonna try to win every point in a different fashion and if he plays two shots the same it's a bit of a surprise. I like that about him. He's got all the shots in the book; has a great return, great serve, great volley.

He can be fast and explosive. He has a little bit of problem with his lower back that keeps coming back for him, which is tough. He has a great feel around the net and I have seen him play some incredible matches in the past, especially at Wimbledon on the grass and Halle.

I have practised with him once, I believe, in Dubai, and it was quite funny playing with him (smiling)." Recalling his 2009 French Open title, Federer admitted that Rafael Nadal's fourth loss to Robin Soderling made the pressure increase: "From then on, the next nine or ten days felt like forever.

I had matches against Gaël. Soderling had beaten Rafa. In fact, he beat me the year after. But I knew that instead of the tournament becoming easier, it was going to become more difficult because of the pressure. But it was nevertheless interesting and I felt better, and I feel proud that I was able to manage the pressure."