Roger Federer puts pressure, makes you feel smothered - Polansky

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Roger Federer puts pressure, makes you feel smothered - Polansky

In an interview to Tennis Canada, the world No. 147 Peter Polansky recalled his two matches against Roger Federer in 2014 Toronto and 2017 Montreal. The Swiss prevailed 6-2 6-0 and 6-2 6-1 respectively. The Canadian said: "It's an experience as very short-lived both times but it's really tough, especially with my gamestyle to compete with him.

He is so quick, he is always putting pressure. I think both times I played him he was playing really well. It's just so much pressure from all angles and you feel smothered on the court, you feel like time is just passing and you do not have time to get into the match."

On how different the Next Generation is now compared to the past, Polansky added: "Nowadays, I think the kids are a lot more grown up, a lot more mature, especially the under 16 or 18, they are all playing like men.

Ten years ago I think there was some junior traits to some of the players whether it's be their body size, physicality, but I think now the level is quite high for the young players coming up and I think a little bit different to when I was playing but if I have to say the biggest difference is the physicality in the game."

Meanwhile, analyzing his Hamburg Open final loss to Nikoloz Basilashvili, Andrey Rublev said: "It was a good week for me. For the moment, my best week. Of course, it is always disappointing to lose in a final, but Nikoloz was playing really well and he deserves it.

To win two years in a row here is amazing. It is really hard. It is really tough mentally and he did it. It is unbelievable."