Experts criticize tennis not evolving to tell why Federer, Nadal still win

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Experts criticize tennis not evolving to tell why Federer, Nadal still win

Several tennis pundits have spoken about Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal's and Novak Djokovic's dominance. The former world No. 10 Jonas Svensson added: "Since the beginning of their dominance, their rivarly was a force.

They still keep increasing their game level and consequently the gap with other players. On grass in Wimbledon, sometimes it seemed that we saw older guys against younger guys. It's about maturity and experience." Former player Yves Allegro: "Whatever their fitness condition is, their confidence level and pressure, they always try to give the best out of themselves in the key moments.

I do not know how they make it." Marc Aebersold added: "20 years ago new rackets and technological innovations and new training methods benefited younger players. But in the last ten years, nothing progressed. That benefits the older guys.

Look at Federer, who has been playing with the same racket for years. The retirement of those three champions will cause an enormous hole and it's difficult to fill it. The worst that can happen is that they retire without never getting beaten by the next generation."

The former world No. 8 Marc Rosset believes that surfaces becoming similar in terms of speed and the switch to 32 seeds in Grand Slams benefited top players. "You play easier matches until the quarter-finals or semis. When Federer won his maiden Wimbledon title, his biggest rivals were Roddick in the semis and Philippoussis in the final.

Now a younger guy will have to beat, for example, a Stan Wawrinka in the second round, then Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. You cannot make it. Especially on even slower surfaces. As we know, there is nothing better than fast surfaces to create a balance."