Fabio Fognini praises Federer and Nadal, says he'd like to coach Kyrgios

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Fabio Fognini praises Federer and Nadal, says he'd like to coach Kyrgios

In an interview, Fabio Fognini said he would like to coach Nick Kyrgios in the future. The Australian player has not been having a permanent coach for years and he is similar to Fognini. "When I stop playing, I will not spend much time travelling.

But I would like to give my experience and knowledge to someone who can take it and I think Kyrgios is very talented", said the 32-year-old. Fognini spoke about his inspirations. The Italian player said: "I always admired a lot Pete Sampras, but I am amazed by the quality and consistency of (Novak) Djokovic, Rafa and Roger (Federer)!" On how it feels to head into Los Cabos as a defending champion, Fognini continued: "I love playing in Los Cabos!

It's a nice place and people are very close. I feel very well playing there. Having won on a hard court is a consistency of my evolution, now I feel very comfortable playing on hard and clay. But I have to be honest, I am here and not in my best physical shape.

You never know, last year I started very bad in the first round and I ended up winning the final against Juan Martin del Potro, which was difficult to achieve. Now I am only worried about tomorrow, not the following one. If I win tomorrow and I have the opportunity for another match, I will be there.

I headed here being tired, I have to think about my first match against a tough opponent who I know well, we trained together in Barcelona when I was there, we played at a junior level many times and I know him well. It will be a tough match, I will try to do the best I can."