Roger Federer unlikely to play Marseille Open in 2020, says Caujolle

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Roger Federer unlikely to play Marseille Open in 2020, says Caujolle

In February just after that, the Marseille Open had ended, as he was disappointed by several players' withdrawals and early losses, the Tournament Director Jean-Francois Caujolle had hinted that he could have tried to spend almost all his budget on Roger Federer.

But, speaking to Tennis World USA in early August, Caujolle admitted that he has already signed some players for the 2020 edition that will take place from 17 to 23 February and Federer is not there. The Swiss usually takes a break after the Australian Open and he has already signed a deal with the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship where this year he has won his 100th career.

"It can be a possibility if Roger wants to play", said Caujolle. At the moment it seems he is not willing. But I did not get in touch with him. I did not try to. If he wants to, he will put Marseille on the schedule and will ask me.

But it's complicated. But I have already signed some players and so it would be much more difficult to pay money to Federer." On Julien Benneteau claiming Federer enjoys privileges on Tour, Caujolle said: "In a tournament, if you have one of the Big 3, everybody - media, fans, sponsors - wants to see them.

So you adapt the schedule to that kind of players. On a show court, you have to put top players. It's natural. Equality does not belong to this world. That's a utopia. If Federer plays in Marseille, I ask him when he wants to play.

If he wants to play the third match, he does. If he wants to play the fifth match, he does. It's pragmatic."