Medvedev: 'Roger Federer is the most talented player. While Djokovic...'

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Medvedev: 'Roger Federer is the most talented player. While Djokovic...'

Daniil Medvedev spoke about the differences between the younger and older players. The Russian said: "Us younger guys are not really experienced. You gain experience when you play major tournaments. Take Alexander Zverev, he has won Masters 1000s and ATP Finals.

But he did not get any Grand Slam title yet. The veterans have a completely different mindset. They are better in five sets. Who is the most talented player? Roger Federer! For his unique talent. Even Novak Djokovic plays like a machine and has a powerful attitude when he is at his best.

It's impossible to beat him. But Roger is great in any aspect. Beautiful, elegant, with a sort of artistic ability... No one can do it." On the balanced level in tennis, Medvedev added: "There are no easy opponents.

It depends on each one. Lucas Pouille beat me four times, I beat Stefanos Tsitsipas four times. No one gives you an easy win." Asked what he has worked on lately, Medvedev concluded: "Nothing specifically, but everything.

As I said, like last two years, two and a half years, I dedicated my life to tennis in terms of, of course, I was always playing tennis, practicing hard, but starting two years ago I really said to myself, Okay, now it's time to just think about tennis, practice.

If you have a day off, of course, you don't think about tennis. Other than that, every moment I'm on the court I'm trying to think, Okay, how can I win the match? Every time I'm in practice, I'm trying to think, What should I work to be better in the tournaments? That has worked out a lot."