Only time will tell if Murray can compete with Federer, Djokovic: Bob Bryan

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Only time will tell if Murray can compete with Federer, Djokovic: Bob Bryan

Bob Bryan knows how it feels to comeback after a hip injury. The American doubles player underwent surgery at past 40 years of age last year in order to play at the highest level again, which he is doing now. In an interview to Daily Mail, Bob spoke about Andy Murray, who underwent two hip surgeries over a year.

Bon feels confident about Andy's chances to come back in singles. "There is no one that works harder than Andy Murray and he is the best, that's what makes him a champion. He is taking his body super seriously and he has a good team around him.

He is at the courts before anyone gets there, doing everything he can, all the stretches and a proper warm-up and he is moving really well. It has only been a few months and he is already one of the top doubles players in the world it looked like.

He was moving great and looked good serving and so doing all the things you need to do to be top at doubles. He has said he has no pain and he has his motion. Only time will tell if he can go back out there and compete with a (Roger) Federer or a (Novak) Djokovic for four or five hours and what that will do to a metal hip.

He says all the muscles around the hip are strong and it has healed up in there, so I don't doubt he can come and be top 10 in the world again. The guy is so talented and he is one of the best ball strikers in the world, no-one has the type of mind he has and no-one wants it more than him so I don't doubt it."