Roger Federer is a master, does what he wants with ball - Spanish legend


Roger Federer is a master, does what he wants with ball - Spanish legend

The former Spanish legend Manolo Santana spoke about modern tennis. The former Madrid Open Tournament Director said: "People who like tennis, who likes matches, also like the show, for example, the great master Roger Federer who does what he wants with that ball, for me, he is a big tennis creator.

I think new things were added and if you look back at ten years ago, it has nothing to do with what's happening now. Everything is about the excitement that players and trainers have, and of course the federations and sponsors.

Rules can change a bit, but what's most important is that you keep the competition that always existed. I see the fan and the player more united than ever. People want to see good tennis and show." Is it more important today to be a better server or returner? "Returner, because getting the ball back after your opponent serve is not easy at all, so I think the returner is more important." Asked what's the best shot for him, Santana concluded: "I like Rafa's forehand.

I like how he hits the forehand in such a different, it's so nice to see. On the backhand, I like Federer." Santana was asked what current player he would have liked to hit with. Santana replied: "I did it in Barcelona when I played with the Australian monster.

There were many but for me was Roy Emerson. Now, with Rafa, I would have clearly liked to face him, I think I could have controlled the ball well."

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