Viktor Galovic honoured to share court with Roger Federer in Zurich

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Viktor Galovic honoured to share court with Roger Federer in Zurich

Viktor Galovic was proud to train with Roger Federer in Zurich, Switzerland. The Croatian player, through his official Instagram account, wrote: "What an honour! Thank you, Roger and Ivan Ljubicic for letting me share the court with you guys."

Asked in an interview what he could improve on, Galovic replied: "In terms of the game I think I cannot improve that much. You cannot change too many things. I could improve my return. I will improve it but the goal is to raise the rankings, getting closer to the top 100 rankings and maybe cracking them."

On players' earnings, he added: "Some top 200 players earn €100,000-150,000. But there are also expenses. Because the higher you go, the more you need a coach, the trainer, maybe having both of them in the same tournament and so there are expenses you cannot even imagine of.

Just to make an example, you spend €4,000 just to go to Australia. What you earn, you spend. If you manage to save something, you are lucky." Gael Monfils spoke about the next generation's chances to breakthrough over the older guys.

"We have many good players but the guys who are at the top are Federer and Nadal... It's not easy. And you never know where the next big player can be born, if in Switzerland or Moldavia... It's not easy to always be at your best and sometimes the opponent is better than me, or I am not in my best shape. I had a lot of injuries, but I know that if I am doing well I can compete against anyone", said Monfils.