Revealed: Roger Federer's 2019 US Open outfit

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Revealed: Roger Federer's 2019 US Open outfit

Roger Federer unveiled the outfit he will wear in this year's US Open. It will be the second time that the Swiss player wears this kit in the fourth calendar Grand Slam of the season. Explaining the reasons behind the design, Federer said: "I wanted a full-body black style for the design of this US Open, I received a proposal from the design team for a wonderful and sophisticated outfit.

The details and concept of the design are based on a vision that goes beyond sports based on LifeWear's philosophy. Thanks again to UNIQLO's design team for providing special wear for all tournaments." Also, Kei Nishikori is excited to wear the outfit: "I really love the kit of various colours in not an only shirt but shorts & socks.

Their carefully-made clothes always enable me to move around and play comfortably. I'd like to draw upon my experience & bring out my best on the court at the US Open." Meanwhile, Mackenzie McDonald spoke about his training days with Federer in Dubai: Going swimming and hanging out inside the hotel and at the pool.

You can’t really go unless you’re staying there. It’s like a six-star hotel. So he took us there, me and Ernesto [Escobedo], on the last day to hang out. We were just chilling, got lunch—he cleared a whole restaurant so we could sit there and eat.

It was crazy”. The coach Rosie Bareis said: “I think there's a connection (between Federer and McDonald), Roger likes him. He likes a lot of the juniors."