Caujolle: 'Djokovic is a machine, Nadal a fighter. While Roger Federer...'

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Caujolle: 'Djokovic is a machine, Nadal a fighter. While Roger Federer...'

Jean-Francois Caujolle praised Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Speaking of the Swiss, Caujolle said: "If I think about aesthetics, I would imagine him. His game and attitude are great. It's beauty. Djokovic is like a perfect machine, Nadal is a perfect fighter.

All of them are unique, the greatest ever. I am 66, so I watched a lot of tennis but they are just unbelievable." In interviews, Toni Nadal often says that people thought that his nephew Rafael would have a short career.

They were wrong as at 33 years of age the 18-time Grand Slam winner still competes at the highest level. Caujolle is not surprised in seeing Nadal still around. "He trains and prepares so well. Look at Stan Wawrinka who had surgery and still came back.

16 years ago another player would have retired. Instead, Stan cracked the top 10 rankings. Players are so fit. They are preparing very well. Federer has been an example for everyone, he is so perfectionist and such a hard worker.

His environment is so professional. He, Rafa or Novak can play five sets at a high intensity. I would also include Andy Murray", said Caujolle, who said he had a misunderstanding with Roger Federer's agent Tony Godsick: "I had reportedly said that Federer was sad on the court, but I just said he looks had a poker face. L'Equipe did not translate my entire answer and Tony was a bit surprised", concluded the 66-year-old.