Federer: 'If you are No. 100 in another sport, you are a champ. In tennis..

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Federer: 'If you are No. 100 in another sport, you are a champ. In tennis..

Roger Federer commented on the keys of breaking through in tennis and the difference between failure and success. "Everybody tries their best, you know. You know, in the juniors maybe I felt bad sometimes, you know, just because I did", said Federer.

"Don't know why. Afterwards, I guess it's part of the business. You want everybody to do well, and that's why I'm generally happy when somebody does well, because like you said, not everybody can attain, you know, whatever it is, but what you can attain is the best of yourself.

I think probably if you ask a lot of the guys on the tour, they'd say, like, I probably did much better than I expected, because the dream is, of course, to, you know, to be top 100, top 10, World No. 1, winning tournaments and all that stuff, but, you know, to be able to make a living from what you wanted to do, I think that's the cool bit.

That's when sometimes it gets a bit rough. All of a sudden you achieve your dream and you have been told you're terrible because you didn't win so-and-so. You're, like, Okay, you know what? Get lost. I don't care what you say.

And that's the truth, you know. You've got to do what you can do best and make yourself proud, your family, your country, whatever it is. And in tennis, very quickly, take another sport, but if you're No. 100 best player or athlete or whatever of your sport, you're a champ, and in tennis you say, Oh, he's just 100, and I disagree with that."