'Hubert Hurkacz benefited from training days with Roger Federer'

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'Hubert Hurkacz benefited from training days with Roger Federer'

In an interview, Iga Swiatek's first coach commented on Hubert Hurkacz's potential. There is a key reason according to her why Hurkacz made a breakthrough. "He stayed for three days in Paris, training with Roger Federer.

Thanks to it, he played faster and he got used to seeing how it feels like to play with a champion on the same court. He trained on big courts, because guys like Federer have those privileges. You can see how he improved in the match against Novak Djokovic.

He played the first two sets at a very high intensity. But he cannot still deal with five sets. I think he will also work a lot to achieve it." Asked if Swiatek and Hurkacz can reach the top ten rankings, she replied: "Why not? I do not see any limit for Iga or Hubert.

Yes, they have to improve on some aspects. But if they manage to crack the top 50, they can beat their top 20, top ten opponents, on a more consistent basis or even beat Grand Slam winners." Meanwhile, the expert Bernhard Schär spoke about Federer: "I am very confident for the US Open.

He needs to get a revenge there. If you see how he played against the world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, we can still look at the future being confident. I am also very confident that he will be one of the top favorites in Basel. He always surprises me with his style, fair play and the way he loves tennis."