Only Federer, Nadal can stop Djokovic in the next couple of years - McEnroe

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Only Federer, Nadal can stop Djokovic in the next couple of years - McEnroe

Speaking on the Sports Illustrated podcast, the former world No. 1 doubles player Patrick McEnroe commented on the epic Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. The American said: "Obviously Djokovic is as good of an athlete as Federer and takes care of himself in the same way.

But to see Federer at that level at this age—just to see the final the way these guys. To me, watching just the first set, I’m sitting there and watching it and I'm thinking to myself: these guys know that every single shot they hit has to be played with so much precision.

Not perfect, but precise, because if they don't play it that well they're in big trouble on the next shot. And they can get away with that against pretty much any other player. So they just kind of elevated each other.

Just watching those two guys go at it was phenomenal to see." McEnroe added: "No one's stopping Djokovic except Nadal or Federer in the next couple years. There's no proof that anyone else is going to stop them from catching them and passing then.

Meanwhile, John McEnroe reflected on his career: "It's frustrating not to be able to compete at the level you want to when I was competing for majors. In a situation like this, playing so many years, going through -- this was Jimmy Connors' tour, Jim Courier.

Who knows what's going to happen next. It's nice to be able to bridge the gap, still be out there on some level. This is a good format for me, one set."