'Zverev is not at Roger Federer's level but he is well prepared'

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'Zverev is not at Roger Federer's level but he is well prepared'

In an interview to Pro Sport, the former player Victor Hanescu commented on Alexander Zverev's growth. The Romanian said: "I have been knowing Zverev for eight or nine years. I was playing against his brother Mischa at the time and I was looking at that 8 or 9-year-old blonde kid being on court all day.

He was sleeping on benches, was playing how he could, his parents were with the other brother. I was like, God, why is that kid there? And now seeing him as one of the best players in the world... some fitness trainer took him as a kid and made him being great physically.

His parents were players and so they know the system. He has such an easiness playing, hitting the ball, he has that talent which makes a difference. That's why he is there. He has something special. He may not have reached that kind of maturity or Roger Federer's level, but he is relaxed, very well prepared."

On how tennis has changed over the years, he added: "Everything became work and training. Elegance and beauty are not there anymore. You play, train physically and become a champion. Plus, there is a lot of money at stake."