We don't have the Federer, Nadal, Djokovic on the WTA Tour - President

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We don't have the Federer, Nadal, Djokovic on the WTA Tour - President

In an interview, the WTA President Micky Lawler commented on the very balanced matches on the Tour. Lawler also made a comparison with the ATP: "The good thing about women’s tennis having such an incredible depth of field is that matches are very close, the level of tennis is very high, and the technical sports side of tennis is getting better and better.

Having such an array of champions brings other challenges. We don’t have the Rafa [Nadal], Roger [Federer], [Novak] Djokovic, [Andy] Murray, [Alexander] Zverev, [Dominic] Thiem now, you know this group that has really dominated.

That gives you brand consistency, that gives you a repeat in growing a player profile over and over again. That’s more difficult for us because we’ve had such a huge number of champions, but that does show that the competitive nature of the WTA is really intense."

On the popularity of tennis, Lawler added: "If you take a company like Porsche or SAP, or any of our partners, they’re trying to become content publishers as well. Putting an ad in a newspaper or just doing some sort of inanimate transaction doesn’t cut it.

It’s not about brand exposure, it’s about business growth and how you can use both platforms to communicate messages from one business to another, to communicate directly to a consumer, and really allowing a consumer to be a fan of a brand, and giving them insight into the brand through our platforms and through the shared values that we have."