'Roger Federer was surprised at how unbelievably fast Cincinnati was'

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'Roger Federer was surprised at how unbelievably fast Cincinnati was'

In an interview to SRF the expert Heinz Gunthard commented on Roger Federer's US Open chances after the third-round loss to Andrey Rublev in Cincinnati. "Hopefully he has a relatively good draw, which is possible in a 128-player draw.

In the Us Open, you play best of five, which means Federer has more time to take rhythm. If he wins the first matches, I am not worried for him. Because Federer needs very less to play really well. He showed it in the 2017 Australian Open when he improved after a long break.

I have the same hope for the US Open", said Gunthard. Who are the favourites? "The first one is Novak Djokovic, then as always Rafael Nadal and Federer." What are Gunthardt's expectations ahead of new York? "Federer said that he was surprised how Cincinnati was unbelievably fast.

I cannot imagine that the game conditions in the US Open will be so fast. It's also easier to find the rhythm and you can make a tactical turnaround during the match. There was basically no tactic against Rublev because everything was extremely fast.

As much as I know, Federer, this loss motivates him. It was not definitely a good beginning after some weeks off, though, Federer did not move well which made him hit some unforced errors and stay on the defence." Federer will now enjoy some days off and next week he will be in New York training and seeing his big family again.