Rod Laver: 'Federer is a complete champion, he can play until he is 40'

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Rod Laver: 'Federer is a complete champion, he can play until he is 40'

The Australian legend Rod Laver cannot pick who is the greatest player of all-time among Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Laver said: "There are so many players, different courts and rackets, the world of tennis is different.

Roger, Rafa and Novak are three of my biggest champions. What Roger does on and off the court makes him a complete champion. He likes the game, this is how I feel when I see him competing. His amazing shot is the back. It's unbelievale to see him play for such a long time.

He needs to ask himself, What can I do now? I want to play until 40 years of age. There are many things that can be achieved, depending on how much effort you make before heading into the court." On Nadal, Laver added: "With his forehand, he manages to hit unbelievable shots.

You ask yourself how he can do it. It's art, and he improved it to win. He likes challenges, in his mind nothing it's impossible. While Djokovic, I am amazed by his abilities, his consistency. He does not just hit aces, but he wins every point from the baseline." This week, Federer and Djokovic played in Cincinnati while Nadal decided to skip the event after winning the title in Montreal last week.

Djokovic, who was the defending champion, lost in the semi-final to Daniil Medvedev. Federer lost in the third round to Medvedev's fellow Russian, Andrey Rublev.

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