Roger Federer can easily beat you without sweating, says Kuerten

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Roger Federer can easily beat you without sweating, says Kuerten

In an interview the former world No. 1 Gustavo Kuerten commented on Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic dominance. The Brazilian said: "I do not think there will be someone who wins as many French Opens as him in the future.

He likes challenges, in his mind nothing is impossible. He and Roger pushed each other to be where they are now. They could play until 40 years of age. Their bid to records is unreal. Rafa is very strong, while Roger doesn't move.

The guy beats you 6-2 6-3 6-3 without forcing, he shakes your hands, he is like, Thank you. And he does not even sweat! Each one has his qualities and character. But he most of all respects tennis, his team, fans. They are so humans.

They play for four hours without missing a shot. They brought tennis to the next level. There are no more specialists on surfaces. Nadal cannot be considered as the king of clay. He won all the main titles. At my time I was struggling to win on grass."

Asked how he would suggest a player who faces Nadal in the French Open, Kuerten replied: "It's difficult. If you come with a strategy, he has an even better one. He is more aggressive, he returns and serves better.

You need to believe you can beat him." Kuerten is the Roland Garros ambassador. He rarely shows up on the ATP Tour as he lives in Brazil.