Philipp Kohlschreiber recalls training with Roger Federer in Switzerland

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Philipp Kohlschreiber recalls training with Roger Federer in Switzerland

In an interview to Tennis Magazin, Philipp Kohlschreiber recalled his training session with Roger Federer in Switzerland some years ago. The German player mostly praised Federer as a person. "That was the best training for me.

The level was unbelievably high. I also knew better Roger and his family. He is so friendly and simple. There was a good harmony between us. During the training session, but also off the court. Why did he invite me? Good question. I do not know.

It would be interesting to know. I am an ideal training partner, I can give a lot of rhythm. We had up to two training sessions a day, we ate together and we also trained physically. In the middle, there were some Roger's friends.

It was a very nice environment. It was in a good mood." Asked why top players struggle when they face him, Kohlschreiber replied: "I move around the court quite well. Defending skills are not that bad. I have, on both sides, I think good striking power.

So if you're not able to really hit through me, I'm able to create a lot of angles, topspin, speed on both sides. If I'm feeling well or have good timing, it's not easy to make points against me. And especially the slower conditions, which helps me to get a better timing, yeah, I'm able to create a lot of power on slow balls, which also helps me to create a lot of speeds on these conditions.

And also my topspin is bouncing a lot. My serve maybe picks up a little bit. Yeah, more speed or more bounce in these conditions. So it helps me to go through my service games sometimes a little bit easier. Yeah, I think overall, I'm a very consistent player.

Return, as well. I think it's not a big weakness I have, so if you don't really find the way where you can really hit through me, I think it's always a big fight against me."