Edberg: 'Roger Federer brought tennis to next level, he has no weakness'

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Edberg: 'Roger Federer brought tennis to next level, he has no weakness'

In an interview the six-time Major winner Stefan Edberg praised Roger Federer's evolution. The Swede, who worked with the Swiss in 2014 and 2015, said: "He brought tennis to a new level. He is able to do everything. At my time there were very good players too, but somehow everyone had a weakness."

Asked if he would have a chance now with his serve and volley gamestyle against today's players, Edberg replied: "A big advantage that I would have: players are not used to my gamestyle, because no one plays serve and volley.

So I would surprise them. But the game totally changed. Today it's played much quicker than the past, even if most of the courts got slower, even at Wimbledon. That's a nightmare for an attacker. He needs to quickly switch from top spin to serve.

Also, now players return much better than before. It's logical that there are not real attackers. They would have no chances." Is serve and volley died? "I do not think so. In the future, you will need to mix it up.

The fact that nobody hits serve and volley now, the return game is predictable: they play as deep as possible. Now nobody goes to the net because it would take an enormous amount of training. But today's game is better. Back in the day, there were many different kinds of players and now everyone plays in a very similar way, so you see less variety. But tennis developed so much over the last years, because it was more physical, quicker, accurate and better."