Roger Federer: 'My wife Mirka is great at cooking'

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Roger Federer: 'My wife Mirka is great at cooking'

In an interview, Roger Federer described what makes Rafael Nadal a tough opponent for him. The Swiss has won six of the last seven matches played against the Spaniard but Nadal leads head-to-head meetings 24-16. "I have the risk on my side against him.

Rafael has a good return game, an unbelievable top spin, the ball gets two meters high over the net. So he barely makes unforced errors. You also need good footwork to play like this," said Federer. Is there something Federer does not know at all? "Figure skating.

I am very bad at it. They laugh at me when I used to do it and I would get a bit angry because I want to be better! I would also love to play something. As a kid, I learned piano and flute. But I did not have enough talent to keep going.

Now I like the guitar and saxophone. If I will have more time in a while, I would like to continue it." What about cooking? "Very bad. I never cooked spaghetti, even if I always eat them. Look, there are many things I cannot do," he joked.

"But Mirka is great at cooking. Mirka likes cooking pasta. She tries different things, with great meat. But on Tour, we eat in restaurants. That's why I like being at home. It's a different feeling when you sit with your family eating.

It's nice to have it." About his personality, he said, "I have to say, I trust most of the people. I never had bad experiences. I am relaxed, I like talking to people."