Federer on his style: 'I used to be shy person.I asked to my wife for help'

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Federer on his style: 'I used to be shy person.I asked to my wife for help'

Roger Federer held a Q&A session on Tuesday at a Uniqlo store in New York on Tuesday prior to the US Open. The Swiss player was asked what he likes to do the most off the court when he is in this city. "Restaurants, seeing the friends, shopping, going to the New York Museum", said Federer.

Federer was also asked if being a stylish person was a quality he always had in his life: "I had to go into it, I used to be a shy person, so dressing up was not my thing. That's why I needed help from my wife, style people, fashion icons to go out there and take a chance, don't feel bad.

Making mistakes is all good. Today I feel really comfortable, I got my style and it's really good. You always try to take inspiration from outside to bring it on the court. We really try to have a lot of fun with outfits's choice and design as we have more time now for it."

Federer also commented on how it feels to be the Uniqlo biggest ambassador: "It's a big honor. A huge brand. It has still a huge potential around the world to achieve. For me as an athlete it takes a big role because it's a big opportunity for me as I am involved in sports.

It's unbelievable to also go to Tokyo promoting the brand." On this year's US Open outfits, he concluded: "New York can fit to the all black, I wore all black in the past, never with Uniqlo. It looks good. It's one of the most styling cities in the world so we have one outfit for the day and one for the night."